A solution for student engagement

Taking event promotion and discovery to the next level.


of students are not active in extracurricular activities.


of students transfer due to a lack of community.


more academic success when engaged in a community.

1. Find Events

Choose from a personalized list of upcoming events.

2. Invite Friends

Add friends and invite them to do something fun!
Mockup of the "memories" feature in Rondivoo. Two friends are high-fiving on the beach at sunset.

3. Share Moments

After the event, share pictures and videos to the event's page.

Features students will love

An exciting way to engage on-campus by discovering events and clubs related to their interests.
University integrated
Keep track of clubs/ organizations
Curated list of top events
Register for free and paid events
Receive club announcements
Video sharing feature
Three app screens of Rondivoo. On the left is a screen of the "moments" page. In the middle is a screen of the events page. On the right is a screen of a mock club page.
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