The best solution for student engagement

Your students will witness everything your university has to offer!


more academic success when engaged in a community.


of students transfer due to a lack of community.


of students are not active in extracurricular activities.

1. Find Events

Rondivoo creates curated event suggestions based on each student's interests.

Rondivoo shows students the trending events at your university.

Rondivoo keeps students up-to-date with the events their communities are hosting.

2. Invite Friends

See who's going to events you're interested in and invite your friends!
Mockup of the "memories" feature in Rondivoo. Two friends are high-fiving on the beach at sunset.

3. Share Moments

After the event, share videos to show so other students can see the memories you made!

Reasons to implement Rondivoo

Rondivoo gets incoming freshman and transfer students connected IMMEDIATELY.
Students ACTUALLY love using Rondivoo – unlike other common college websites and apps. Rondivoo is designed like a social media platform so that students don't have a learning curve.
Rondivoo targets students who are less engaged by sending them personalized notifications about events that align with THEIR interests.
Rondivoo is an AMAZING growth tool for clubs and student orgs because it brings students whose interests aligns directly to the club rather than them having to scavenge for new members.
Rondivoo allows clubs and students orgs to track their growth and learn more about their members with EASY-to-navigate insights.
Rondivoo allows clubs and student orgs to manage ALL of their everyday tasks in one organized and easy-to-use app.
Three app screens of Rondivoo. On the left is a screen of the "moments" page. In the middle is a screen of the events page. On the right is a screen of a mock club page.
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