A company founded by students, for students. Rondivoo is rooted in education and exploration.
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Our Story

As we’ve returned to in-person learning at our college campus, we have each repeatedly noticed the longing for community and social activities amongst students. We’ve been blown away by the abundance and variety of clubs, departments, and organizations at our university that host exciting events each week. On the other hand, there is no demographic more eager than college students to socialize, learn, and get involved.

Unfortunately, the majority of college students aren’t aware of the amazing communities, activities, and opportunities that are right at their fingertips. The event promotion/discovery platforms and services universities have to choose from are poorly structured and ineffective, mainly because they rely on students being unrealistically proactive. Because Rondivoo is run by college students who understand the current social and extracurricular landscape at college campuses, we’ve been able to design Rondivoo to fill the many gaps other platforms fail to address.

Our mission is to significantly increase engagement between college students and the communities around them – and our success is solely contingent on that.

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